The list below offers nothing more than a point of reference as regards the themes of study visits. These are exemplary, very short descriptions of such visits:

  • The objective of visit 1  – of 5 working days – was to ensure the participant’s familiarisation with the process by which institutions and inspection services at the regional administration level in Sweden have been consolidated, i.a. the way of planning, pursuing profit and loss analysis, and engaging in practical implementation. The participant is a Deputy Director in a department at a regional office.
  • The objective of visit 2 – of 4 working days – was for the participant to investigate the effective tools and forms of communication used by civil servants as they engage with the labour unions representing France’s doctors. The participant is a Department Director with Poland’s National Health Fund.
  • The objective of visit 3 – of 10 working days – is participation in (in principle  job shadowing regarding) the actions of the Unit for Foreigner Servicing in Germany, in particular the process by which foreigners applying for German citizenship are verified. The visit is to offer insights into the actions of the Inspector who conducts such verification, and into the tools s/he uses, including the way in which the process itself is organised. The participant on the visit is an Inspector from a regional office.
  • The objective of visit 4 – of one week’s duration – is to allow the participant to become acquainted with the procedure and conduct of the recruitment process for specialist positions in the Federal Office for Social Affairs in Belgium. The participant heads Poland’s Office for Foreigners.